Who do you want to become?

Achieve greatness

Who do you want to become?

Who do you want to become? Who are you now?

Whats your burning desire to achieve greatness and achieve your why and deliver purpose to your life?

Its something so many of us coast through, go through the motions and forget to even sit back, plan, evaluate and make realistic goals and then evaluating these goals to apply realistic milestones to ensure we are flourishing and ticking of that list!

This week I want you to give yourself some YOU TIME. Work out what it is your are working towards, whether its training, life, family, work, business, relationship, or reducing stress make it a priority to develop an action plan to succeed.

BCN is 4-8% of your day! Its great to have Fitness goals, but over the long term you need to have plans and procedures for 92-96% of the rest of your day!

I want nothing more than to see everyone of you succeed in every aspect of your training and life, But to help you more we need you to help yourself, allocated 12% of your day to working on the next 12-24 months of YOU.

Visualise yourself in 24 months! Is what your doing today, or planned for tomorrow going to enable you to be in that situation? if the answer is no, Change now!

Live everyday as your last! If its work then quit, If its diet fix it, If its training, Plan and prepare smarter and better. Got an injury? Fix it, don’t just put up with it and have niggles for 12 months. Get it better and come back bigger better and stronger!

Good Luck Team BCN

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