Throw your scales away now


Throw your scales away now

Tell me if this sounds familiar?

You have been following a healthy eating plan for days, weeks or even months. You have been getting active and not only are you feeling good, but you are looking good and you are making progress with your training.

You wake up one morning, look at yourself in the mirror and feel lean, strong, healthy and motivated. Now this is where you make a big mistake. You decide to weigh yourself, hoping to confirm that you are indeed a leaner, meaner machine.

But the scale doesn’t confirm you have lost weight, instead you are exactly the same weight…or worse…You have gained weight!!

Your mood is instantly deflated and you start to second guess all your hard work.

Everyday thousands of people start their day just like this. In theory checking on your weight shouldn’t be a problem, but in reality this is a harmful way to start the day.

Here are our top reasons why everyone should just throw away their scales and stop weighing themselves!

#1: Fat vs Muscle

You may have heard that “Muscle weighs more than fat.” Common sense tells us a kilo of muscle and a kilo of fat have to weigh the same; however, they do differ when it comes to density. This means if you look at five kilo of muscle and five kilo of fat side by side on a table, the fat will take up more volume, or space, than the muscle.

So you may look noticeably leaner due to fat loss, but when you add in muscle gain, the weight on the scale could be the same or even more than it was before.

#2: Its just a Number

You’ve probably heard this before. Ask yourselves – at the end of the day, which is more important: how you look, feel and perform, or what the scale tells you whenever you step on it? If you look and feel like a lean, mean beastmode machine, it shouldn’t really matter if you’ve gained a few pounds in the process. We all want to be the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves; no where does it say we should be the “lightest” version as well. If you’re healthy and you look good, don’t put too much stock in what the scale is telling you.

#3: Obsession can be unhealthy

Obviously not everyone who weighs themselves is obsessed or will become obsessed. But it can become a mentally exhausting lifestyle choice. When you are unable to see progress with your health and fitness because of the number on the scale not sitting where you want it to, you are missing out on celebrating what you have achieved.

For those of you who weigh themselves on a regular basis, I challenge you to hide your scale away and not weigh yourself for seven days. If it’s too difficult of a challenge and you find yourself unable to break the habit, it may be time to set some new goals and create some new habits that will help you towards your goals versus stressing you out about them.

Bonus Reason just for Females: Hormones

Hormones play a big role in playing havoc on the scale for women, even causing their weight to fluctuate from day to day, depending on your time of the month. You may not feel bloated, but you could be retaining fluids. So if it’s close to your time of the month, don’t put too much stock on what you see on the scale.

We all want to be healthy, look great and perform our best in life. Obsessing about the weight on a scale can actually get in the way of your goals.

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