Everything takes time.

Everything takes time.

How true is this!

So many fads out there. So many promises. So many high hopes and so many people preaching that the latest product is ……………

Do your research. Research the fuck out of something before you consume it, sign up for it or believe it. Also read past the bullshit associated with it. 90% of the stuff you read will be a “paid” study or endorsed by company or university x (because they were paid a shit load of money to say that). Or it will be consumers preaching the product because yeh it “may be the best thing ever” but more likely cause they are trying to sign you up because that means more money for them.

Stop chasing the “quick fix” yeh it might work for a little bit but it’s not sustainable and probably not good for you or your health.

Get back to basics. You know what the best method is? Eating clean. Training smart, looking after your body through stretching rehab and maintenance and smiling and not feeling negative because x is not working and she/he is looking better than me and they lost 10kg doing x so I better go and also do x.

It’s not a race. Nor should it need to be. Slow and steady. Have a plan. Have a purpose and do it right the first time. Then you won’t need 10 different failed attempts. #TrueTalk L 💪

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