Embrace the burpee


Embrace the burpee

Burpees…you either love them or hate them! And in our opinion too many people hate them. They are the one exercise that strikes fear and loathing into the face of many clients but let’s face it they are one of the most effective functional fitness movements you can do. Here is why we love them!
  1. You can do them anywhere! Can’t get to the gym, worked late and missed your bootcamp session, no barbell or skipping rope at home? No excuses! It’s time to knock out some burpees! Whether you are on holidays or at home, burpees are your go to body weight exercise that can truely be done anywhere!
  2. They work your ENTIRE body! From your core to your upper and lower body, burpees have you covered. Your whole body gets a workout. Think push ups, squat jumps, hip flexibility and so much more, every muscle is moving and your heart is pumping.
  3. They teach your body to move functionally. While working your whole body they will teach you to not only co ordinate the different parts of your body but how to move them efficiently and effectively. Once you nail the pattern and rhythm of your burpee you will notice an improvement in other areas of your training program. Burpees activate your hips and this movement is central to every movement you do every day.
  4. They boost your cardio engine! Want to boost your cardio fitness? Add burpees to your training regime. Hit them with intensity for 1 min to boost your cardio endurance.
  5. They look hard core! There aren’t many other movements that kick your butt like a burpee and leave you gasping for air. And when you knock out a set you will gain the respect of anyone that witnesses it! Your legs burn, your arms shake and you will find yourself lying in a pool of sweat with the feeling that you can conquer anything!

Try our BCN burpee challenge and see how you rate. How long does it take to smash out 100 burpees?

12+ mins: You are an athlete in training. Great job, don’t give up!

10-12 mins: You are an athlete with a strong mental game!

8-10 mins: You are a super athlete, you are strong in mind and body and are in great shape!

6-8 mins: You are a BCN Badass!! That is some serious burpee skills!!

Under 6 mins: TOTAL BEAST MODE! Are you even human?!?

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